You think you have the perfect dress for Easter Sunday- you wore it to your cousin’s wedding two years ago, and it needs another turn at bat. You decide at the last minute to try on your entire ensemble (knowing it’s going to be splendidly perfect), only to come to this conclusion : it’s just not working?!? 😱 You don’t have time (or patience) to shop at a zillion places today; Last minute *needle in a haystack* shopping just ain’t your bag, baby. Have no fear- I have a roundup of perfect Easter dresses that are budget friendly, easily accessible, and can double as a go-to dress for any upcoming weddings this season!  J Crew Factory outlet stores are having a killer sale right now with 50% off everything in the store! All the styles I’ve featured from J Crew come in several different colors/prints and have a classic, sleek silhouette that will give you wiggle room to play with your jewelry and accessories (along with being $74.50 or less!)

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