This is without a doubt my signature go-to spring/summer salad. Whether it’s for a quick and healthy meal, or as a side with burgers when we grill out with friends, it’s always a hit.  It’s incredibly light and fresh with so much flavor and zest. I found the recipe on a foodie blogger’s website last summer, but had to share since I’m making for lunch today with a grilled chicken quesadilla. *cue stomach rumble* My favorite thing about it is the simplicity. You don’t have to be a master chef or culinary wizard to whip up this delish dish. There are three steps: chop, mix, and serve- Fini!  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend 30 min on meal prep for lunch- I want something super easy that I know I’m going to enjoy. The flavors in this are so bold, and it’s very filling despite being so light. Not to mention, avocados are one of the best nutrient rich power foods you can possibly eat! There are so many health benefits to eating them regularly in your diet, such as the heart-healthy fatty acids, capabilities to lower cholesterol, and a huge dose of vitamins! Okay so you get it- I love this salad! Here’s the recipe and make sure to check out her website (link under recipe)- SOOO many other goodies you’re sure to love!

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