Hi lovelies! I hope you’re having a fab week! We have had gorgeous weather here in South Carolina (finallyyy) and I have really enjoyed being outdoors as much as possible.  Apparently, Spring was just fashionably late, you diva you! But for real…there is just something so refreshing and calming about the Spring air and sunshine on your skin.  So, as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I recently started the BBG program from Kayla Itsines via the Sweat app. I am happy to report that after finishing week 1- I am feeling PUMPED to see where this fitness journey is going to lead me. I have to admit, I haven’t been this excited about working out in forever. It has always felt like a bit of a chore to me, but I really enjoy the circuit-style training and the diversity in exercises on the app. The weekly workouts alternate each day between strength training and cardio and at the end of the week is a scheduled rest day. There are also supplemental recovery workouts/stretches and extra challenges you can do on a day where you feel like you want to go hard.  I love that there are several different programs that hit every interest and skill level. I am currently doing Beginner BBG, and it will continue to advance as I gain the skills needed (cause burpies are hard AF haha). I also thrive on organization, so the app also allows you to plan out your weekly workouts, meals, and even provides suggested recipes and grocery lists that coordinate along with recipes you choose (that alone delights my little OCD heart). In addition to the workout program, I’m not adjusting my diet too much other than being more mindful of dairy, sugar, and carbs. I’m allowing myself cheese and bread (because I couldn’t live without it), but I’m just making sure I use appropriate portion control (cause tbh I could eat an entire cheese platter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner like a boss). Week 2 is going well so far too and it sounds ridiculous, but I already feel like I have more energy and stronger. One thing I’ve noticed is that because of the circuit style training, my muscles don’t feel maxed out and so sore that I can’t move the next day. There is an even distribution of pain (just kidding)! It has felt amazing to get back in the swing of things after not feeling like myself for the past 8 or so months.

After moving back back to our hometown, I really felt like I was in a slump and one thing I’ve realized is that I retract from my potential and nestle in my surrender when it comes to fitness. One thing that really gets me sometimes is body image. I’ve written about this before, but throughout my adulthood, I have struggled with body image. I danced ballet growing up and was naturally fit (dancing 5 or more days a week for hours on end will do that to ya), plus let’s face it…teenage metabolism is a magical thing (gimmie all the Chick-Fil-A). But as I got older, I have roller-coastered so many times from size to size that I’ve lost track. But here’s the thing. It’s not really about sizes, it’s about being healthy and balanced (mind and body). Starting the BBG program is my new beginning to shed this negativity, and DO ME. See, now here lies the problem where I get hung up on things…that sounds kinda selfish right? Imma do me. Guilt sinks in and I think, well I could do an activity with my son or take him to the park or my hubby and I could do something all together as a family. Here’s the catch…I cannot be myself if I don’t feel like myself. Have you ever experienced just not feeling like YOU? You always hear people say self-care is not selfish, but it’s definitely easier said than done…and that’s something that I’m actively working on. I am trying to prioritize my time so that I am getting my workouts in when it doesn’t interfere with family time, but if it does- that’s okay. It’s not selfish.
Starting this program is more than just a personal quest to be fit and find balance (although that is a big part of it)…I’m doing this for my family. I’m doing this to be the healthiest version of myself so that I can do everything with them and not miss a moment. I’m also doing this for me…to feel comfortable in my own skin and quit playing the compare game to my high school ballerina body. I read a quote from Kayla that really hit me, “You will never regret reaching your goal. You will only regret giving up and not trying harder.” This is so simple and so true. I am more motivated now than ever to reach my goals, and the only regret I have is not starting sooner. I hope that if you’re on the fence about taking time for yourself or feel any guilt what-so-ever about working on your fitness and doing the dang thang… let it go. You are worth being a top priority and today can be your new beginning.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

Hey y’all! I interrupt your normal scheduled posts this week for an extra Nordy sale post! It’s the gift that keeps on giving… and the sale that keeps on selling! After seeing clothes fly off the shelves/screen while shopping and keeping an eye on popular items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I realized that I completely neglected the HOME section! There are so many fantastic deals right now on home goods and I’ve brought you all my favorites under $50. It’s almost August, y’all…and if you like to get a head start on your Christmas shopping or have any family/friends that have fall birthdays- this sale is a fantastic time to stock up on goodies! I separated my faves below into categories to make it easy for you to shop! Remember, everything is under $50 and Nordstrom makes shopping SO easy with free shipping and returns! Happy shopping!

Tabletop & Kitchen:

My top pick: Core Home Set of 3 Cheese Knives  and the State Slave Serving Tray Because cheese is the best food on the planet and these would make lovely gifts! Plus, the knives are only $20 and the tray is $40! The tray is super cute too because you can personalize it by state!

Pillows & Throws:

My top pick: Kennebunk Home Bliss Throw Blanket – It’s available in 3 million colors and so many fellow bloggers have raved about how soft it is! I’m thinking this might be one of those *To: me From: me* gifts! Only $26!


My top pick: Loving the DKNY Chatter Rug and the corresponding towel set. These are just so stinkin cute. The towels say “rinse”, the hand towels say “dry”, and the washcloths say “wash”, and finally the rug says “clean”….I meaaaaaaan seriously, excuse me while I go buy it all and completely revamp our bathroom!

Wall Decor, Mirrors, Candles/Diffusers:

My top pick: Voluspa two wick candle trio Have you ever smelled these? Because they are the BEST candles ever. The packaging is beautiful and they make a fantastic gift or even a good stocking stuffer (yep already channeling Christmas vibes!)

You can browse and shop there entire HOME section on Nordstrom’s site here

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of home goodies from the sale! And don’t forget to check out my top fashion picks in the main menu under *Nordstrom Anni Sale*! (You can also find a quick shop page in the drop down menu for all my home picks as well!) Follow me on Instagram for daily updates (@styledsugarplum) and make sure to subscribe to my blog (if you’re on desktop, you can find the subscribe button on my sidebar under my welcome picture and if you’re on mobile…keep scrolling down below this post to find it!) Thanks for stopping by and stay styled, sugarplum!

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great week! If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that we moved to a new city (well, new/old city…we moved back to our hometown) a few months ago for my husband’s new job. Our move seemed like the perfect time to redecorate, de-clutter, and spruce up our home decor! In our old living room, we had a chocolate brown sectional and it was a pretty dark space overall…with our new space, my goal was to brighten things up! As the months passed, we have slowly turned our house into a home and I thought I’d share a few items that I’ve recently added to the mix in our living room. Disclaimer: I am in no way a home decor expert… I just enjoy decorating! Also, it’s probably far from being completely finished because I have been blessed with the rearranging type of OCD… BUT, I’d say this is a pretty good rough draft! Also a few weeks ago, I talked about our home office reveal…well, since then I’ve changed a few things around in that room (SEE? OCD STRIKES AGAIN!) Soooo that may need to be saved for another day, another blog post! This one is already a doozy… how much can I pack into one blog post…hmmm let’s see!?!
So here is some background info: our living room is a really long room and larger than the one at our old house. I have really enjoyed revamping because we spend the bulk of our time in here playing, reading, Netflix and gummy bear binging, yaaaas you know the deal!

A New Favorite

We recently added this drum table as a little coffee table to give this space just a little more functionality. If you were sitting on the right side of the couch, you had no place to sit anything except for the floor (first world probs)…but this little table solved that issue. I wanted something small and lightweight that could be moved easily and wouldn’t get in the way of my son’s play space. I found this hammered brass round drum table at Target and knew that was it! (Side note: this post is not sponsored by Target, although most of everything you’ll see is from there…what can I say? I’m a Target girl!) You may be able to find this particular one in your area…maybe in stores?!? It says it’s currently unavailable online, but if you’d like the product information you can click here.  It was a steal for about $140 total after shipping costs. And my son had a blast with the giant box it came in! Win win!

Shop a few of my favorite round gold coffee tables here:

Overview and Details

Shop my furniture and rugs here:

I linked the sofa and loveseat, but we have the oversized chair and ottoman. You can find the chair here and ottoman here.


Nothing makes a space feel more personalized and tell a story than art. I recently added pictures to the gallery wall behind the couch to pay homage to our time in Charleston. I started with the round mirror and two coral pictures and eventually wanted to gather the three prints I had of Charleston and place them in a spot where we would enjoy them more often. The bottom right picture is a vibrant, fun print I recently purchased from Mac & Murphy in downtown Charleston on Canon Street. This is an exclusive print from a collaboration from local artist Dorothy Shain. They are sold out at the moment, so I was so happy that I snagged one! I love the bold, bright colors…it was the perfect addition to add more color to the living room.

The top left is a foil pressed print of the different neighborhoods on the Charleston peninsula that I purchased from Celedon Home. I loved the simplicity of the design and the different patterns for each neighborhood. They currently don’t carry it, but I found it for you here: 42pressed.  

42Pressed carries these for a ton of major cities…I thought about getting NYC too because it’s my favorite to visit! Make sure to check out their site!

Another area that I love is this console chest that houses our ridiculously large collection of DVDs. The chest was my grandmother’s and it’s perfect storage. If you open the two doors, there may or may not be an avalanche of movies… BUT with the doors closed, it at least appears to be nice and neat! I have a few of my favorite books stacked on top and one of my favorite pieces of art showcased over that. This piece is called Surf City and it’s by local artist and friend Morgan Walker. Definitely follow her on Instagram: bymelving AND check out her work from her site here: Melvin G. (Make sure to check out the faces!) She is insanely talented and I love how this piece brings more of the blue over to the front of the room. Blue is my favorite color (hence the overall color palette in this space), so I love admiring all the beautiful shades swirling in this particular piece. It reminds me of the beach, which is why I added visual texture over the framed art with the spiky wall urchins.

Also on this side of the room is a secretary that has been handed down in my family and also a nook with our bar cart!
I love mixing trendy modern pieces with the legit nice mahogany furniture that has been handed down in my family. The only thing I can’t decide about in this space is curtains…to add or not to add? I’m on the fence about it!

Warning: at this point, my son is up from his nap and real life has set in…pillows astray and toys being thrown all over the place!

Lastly, we have kiddie corner over on the opposite side of the room. We don’t have a formal “playroom” so besides his room, kiddie corner in our living room serves as the spot for a ton of our son’s play stuff! Anddddd I just noticed that the top picture right there is crooked. HAHAHA! I never said my house was perfect! Lol!

Disregard the kid show on the TV! Lol… another real life pic for ya! But this gives you a different perspective of the space…I couldn’t quite fit all of it in one frame…like I said, it’s a long room!

Shop these accents and similar pieces here:

Shop all round wall mirrors on the Target site here:

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse inside our home! I promise to reveal our office next week! I also have a post I’m working on for Friday of July 4th inspired looks! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily posts…I neglect Facebook (sorry!) ALSO the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming up! Early access starts on July 13!!! Definitely mark your calendar because that is my ABSOLUTE favorite sale of the year. I’ll be hyping it up until then because it’s just THAT good! Hope you have an awesome Wednesday and get over that hump! Who is heading out for vacay for the 4th holiday!?! The countdown is on! See y’all later this week! Stay styled, sugarplum!