Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great week! If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that we moved to a new city (well, new/old city…we moved back to our hometown) a few months ago for my husband’s new job. Our move seemed like the perfect time to redecorate, de-clutter, and spruce up our home decor! In our old living room, we had a chocolate brown sectional and it was a pretty dark space overall…with our new space, my goal was to brighten things up! As the months passed, we have slowly turned our house into a home and I thought I’d share a few items that I’ve recently added to the mix in our living room. Disclaimer: I am in no way a home decor expert… I just enjoy decorating! Also, it’s probably far from being completely finished because I have been blessed with the rearranging type of OCD… BUT, I’d say this is a pretty good rough draft! Also a few weeks ago, I talked about our home office reveal…well, since then I’ve changed a few things around in that room (SEE? OCD STRIKES AGAIN!) Soooo that may need to be saved for another day, another blog post! This one is already a doozy… how much can I pack into one blog post…hmmm let’s see!?!
So here is some background info: our living room is a really long room and larger than the one at our old house. I have really enjoyed revamping because we spend the bulk of our time in here playing, reading, Netflix and gummy bear binging, yaaaas you know the deal!

A New Favorite

We recently added this drum table as a little coffee table to give this space just a little more functionality. If you were sitting on the right side of the couch, you had no place to sit anything except for the floor (first world probs)…but this little table solved that issue. I wanted something small and lightweight that could be moved easily and wouldn’t get in the way of my son’s play space. I found this hammered brass round drum table at Target and knew that was it! (Side note: this post is not sponsored by Target, although most of everything you’ll see is from there…what can I say? I’m a Target girl!) You may be able to find this particular one in your area…maybe in stores?!? It says it’s currently unavailable online, but if you’d like the product information you can click here.  It was a steal for about $140 total after shipping costs. And my son had a blast with the giant box it came in! Win win!

Shop a few of my favorite round gold coffee tables here:

Overview and Details

Shop my furniture and rugs here:

I linked the sofa and loveseat, but we have the oversized chair and ottoman. You can find the chair here and ottoman here.


Nothing makes a space feel more personalized and tell a story than art. I recently added pictures to the gallery wall behind the couch to pay homage to our time in Charleston. I started with the round mirror and two coral pictures and eventually wanted to gather the three prints I had of Charleston and place them in a spot where we would enjoy them more often. The bottom right picture is a vibrant, fun print I recently purchased from Mac & Murphy in downtown Charleston on Canon Street. This is an exclusive print from a collaboration from local artist Dorothy Shain. They are sold out at the moment, so I was so happy that I snagged one! I love the bold, bright colors…it was the perfect addition to add more color to the living room.

The top left is a foil pressed print of the different neighborhoods on the Charleston peninsula that I purchased from Celedon Home. I loved the simplicity of the design and the different patterns for each neighborhood. They currently don’t carry it, but I found it for you here: 42pressed.  

42Pressed carries these for a ton of major cities…I thought about getting NYC too because it’s my favorite to visit! Make sure to check out their site!

Another area that I love is this console chest that houses our ridiculously large collection of DVDs. The chest was my grandmother’s and it’s perfect storage. If you open the two doors, there may or may not be an avalanche of movies… BUT with the doors closed, it at least appears to be nice and neat! I have a few of my favorite books stacked on top and one of my favorite pieces of art showcased over that. This piece is called Surf City and it’s by local artist and friend Morgan Walker. Definitely follow her on Instagram: bymelving AND check out her work from her site here: Melvin G. (Make sure to check out the faces!) She is insanely talented and I love how this piece brings more of the blue over to the front of the room. Blue is my favorite color (hence the overall color palette in this space), so I love admiring all the beautiful shades swirling in this particular piece. It reminds me of the beach, which is why I added visual texture over the framed art with the spiky wall urchins.

Also on this side of the room is a secretary that has been handed down in my family and also a nook with our bar cart!
I love mixing trendy modern pieces with the legit nice mahogany furniture that has been handed down in my family. The only thing I can’t decide about in this space is curtains…to add or not to add? I’m on the fence about it!

Warning: at this point, my son is up from his nap and real life has set in…pillows astray and toys being thrown all over the place!

Lastly, we have kiddie corner over on the opposite side of the room. We don’t have a formal “playroom” so besides his room, kiddie corner in our living room serves as the spot for a ton of our son’s play stuff! Anddddd I just noticed that the top picture right there is crooked. HAHAHA! I never said my house was perfect! Lol!

Disregard the kid show on the TV! Lol… another real life pic for ya! But this gives you a different perspective of the space…I couldn’t quite fit all of it in one frame…like I said, it’s a long room!

Shop these accents and similar pieces here:

Shop all round wall mirrors on the Target site here:

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse inside our home! I promise to reveal our office next week! I also have a post I’m working on for Friday of July 4th inspired looks! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily posts…I neglect Facebook (sorry!) ALSO the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming up! Early access starts on July 13!!! Definitely mark your calendar because that is my ABSOLUTE favorite sale of the year. I’ll be hyping it up until then because it’s just THAT good! Hope you have an awesome Wednesday and get over that hump! Who is heading out for vacay for the 4th holiday!?! The countdown is on! See y’all later this week! Stay styled, sugarplum!

Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! This post includes a few things I’m loving lately and obsessing over right now. Everything you’ll see is under $50 and almost all are available with free shipping! I also included a few pictures below my wish list of an adorable top and earrings I wore with my bestie for a girl’s date yesterday! If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek! Behold my latest wish list:

So clothing first…I love the boho vibe from the gorgeous indigo tie dye maxi dress from One Nation. The cut is universally flattering and the pattern is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s such an easy breezy dress to throw on at the beach, to run errands, or just grab lunch with your girlfriends! Same with the baby blue off-the-shoulder shift dress …the ties on the sleeve are an adorable detail and this dress also comes in blush and ivory. I’m all about that simple summer dress life. I can’t forget about my love for rompers though! The featured Everly striped romper from Nordstrom also comes in the cutest mustard yellow print. I love the deep V neckline and tie detail on the hip. It’s a versatile piece that can easily take you from day to night. Wear with sandals during the day and to amp it up, add statement jewelry and espadrille wedges and heels for night. Lastly, this BP. eyelet off-the-shoulder top is definitely a must-have. I own this one and have received so many compliments when I wear it! Shop them by clicking the highlighted links or below.

Next, let’s talk bags. It’s no groundbreaking news that straw bags in the summer are a hot trend, but I absolutely L O V E this one because of the slouchy, hobo shape and the cute tassel/pom combo detail. Shop it here: BP. slouchy straw tote  I also love this rainbow studded clutch! It’s a new spin on the rainbow detail trend of summer. I’ve mostly seen this trend in a pom-lined clutch, but the studs give it an edgier feel! Shop it here: BP. studded clutch ! I included these and several other styles to shop below!

Slides are raging this season and I love the crisscross design of these. The leopard print is a staple in my wardrobe and I love adding that pop of pattern with my accessories. I also love the metallic gold ones, which can be worn practically all day, every day, with everything! Shop both below along with a few other available colors and styles:

Lastly, bring on the baubles. The Gabriela ombre drops from Baublebar are too cute for words and are also available in blue. It’s hard to choose a favorite…reminds me of Sleeping Beauty when the fairies are fighting over which color to make Aurora’s dress… *Make it pink! Make it blue!* I’m also loving the design and beautifully rich colors in the Nazaria drops. The different colors of turquoise, green, and blue are stunning! Plus, the stone shapes are so unique. The Coral Reef Collar is a perfect summer statement necklace. In addition to the blush color, it’s also available in coral and turquoise. Shop these and a few other jewelry favorites below:

Yesterday, a bestie of mine came in town to visit and I wore this look below to our lunch date! The Suki top from Francesca’s combined several of my favorite things and trends: pink tassels, one-shoulder tops, ruffles, and embroidery. Best part is that t’s only $38! I couldn’t believe it. I paired it with the Clementine pink tassel earrings (only $18) because it incorporated the pink tones from the gorgeous embroidery on the ruffle. To finish off the look, I wore simple white skinny jeans from Old Navy (under $50) and gold double strap sandals. OH I can’t forget my aviator sunnies! They’re only $12 and come in seven colors! Shop my look below the pics!

Shop this look here:

I hope you enjoyed a few of the things I’m currently crushing and I’ll see you later this week with some home goodies and office reveal I promised from last week…forgive me pleeeeeease!

Howdy y’all!!! Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is playing nice!!!

Soooo it has been quite a while since my last plant-based update on here. Like forever. I’m gonna get real honest right now.  I made a big deal about going plant-based because it was something really important to me. But I’m going to keep it real, living a full 100% plant-based life only lasted about two months. I started in February and then started integrating organic lean meats, cheese, and alcohol every now and then in April. I’m not saying living plant-based is any less important to me now (because it’s still something I constantly strive for and I still want to live as plant-based as possible), so let me explain further. This might sound like a lame excuse BUT it was incredibly difficult to sustain a plant-based life solo while cooking for my family. (Blame the family haha) My hubby and son would want something completelyyyy different, and I’d be in the kitchen for what seemed like an eternity every day prepping and cooking. That’s just not feasible for me on a day to day basis no matter how prepared and organized I was with my meals. I have NO idea how people do it 100%. I commend them, because I feel like I gave it a really valiant effort.

I will say this: I learned A TON about food in general from making that switch. From my research, the documentaries, and the recipes from the plant-based cookbooks (which are fantastic by the way: Clean Eating and Forks Over Knives), I have a better understanding of healthy fats and (for lack of a better way to say it) fatty fats, how to steer clear of most refined sugar, added steroids, chemicals, and preservatives in our foods, and how to prepare healthy meals in their raw form without excess oils. Keeping those few things out of our diet and still centering everything around fruits and vegetables is my plan now, and so far, it is definitely a better system for our family and daily routine. I’ve adopted several changes from the plant-based experience that I’m going to continue to use in everyday life. For example, I still cook with coconut oil instead of olive oil/butter, I use unsweetened almond milk and a drop of raw honey in my coffee instead of creamer, I opt for fresh instead of frozen products, and I’m really trying hard to be conscious of snacking on food with preservatives like chips and junky stuff and substitute for healthier alternatives like fruit, hummus, or granola. (Although the struggle is so real sometimes since Haribo gummy bears are my ultimate weakness!) Another example is that I make my own salad dressings now (kitchen mixologist status) instead of using store-bought dressing. Small changes like that really make a big difference in how you feel. This experience has truly changed the way I see food now and has given me a deeper understanding about food prep. I’d say I’m about 80% plant-based, and I’m at peace with that. I’ll still continue to share healthy recipes with you because I really do enjoy it! I may even starting posting one recipe a week…let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in! I also want to integrate more food and home decor/organizing posts in Styled Sugarplum, so be on the lookout! So, now that I have updated you about food life… here is one of my favorite salad recipes EVER!

I’m ALL about that salad life in the summertime! This apple walnut one has been on constant repeat. It would be perfect to build in a mason jar for an on-the-go meal too! I originally found this on Pinterest and have made a few modifications. Sometimes I add grilled chicken or blackened shrimp, but it is delish solo sans meat as well! Recipe below!

*Quick side note…how cute are the Rex brothers? Best salt and pepper shakers EVER! I have a raging dinosaur obsession and when I saw these a while back in Target, I just had to have them. My son loves them, too (he obviously inherited my dino-mania gene!)



I hope you enjoy this salad as much as I do! (Which to be honest right now… is almost daily!)

I’ll be back later this week with a look into my home with my home office reveal! I’ll be talking about my tips for staying organized and maximizing your workspace! I’m also going to try to squeeze a Fab 5 fashion post in the mix! Make sure to subscribe to my blog and I post daily on Instagram, so if you aren’t following me there- holla at ya girl… @styledsugarplum

Hope you have a fantasmic week!

Hey y’all! Hope you had a great week and I’m pumped because it’s FINALLY Friday!!! Do you have any holiday weekend plans? We are heading to our family’s condos at North Myrtle Beach and I can’t wait for some beach time!!!🙌 But first, shopping. No better way to kick off the weekend than a Nordstrom sale! There are some killer sales going on right now for Memorial Day (my favorite retailers and sales are listed at the very end of the post) BUT my ultimate number one favorite of all time retailer, Nordstrom, is having their *half-yearly sale* until June 4 and SO many styles are marked at amazing discounts up to 50% off!!! Best part about ordering from Nordstrom is that they make the return process so easy…they include a return label and shipping is always free! I’ve picked some of my favorites from the sale under $50 and divided them into categories for ya! I also included a link below each category for you to shop all the products directly from the Nordstrom site if you’d rather experience the awesomeness of this sale first hand! Happy shopping!


Shop my favorites from the picture:


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Rompers and Tops:

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ANTHROPOLOGIE: Take an extra 40% off sale sitewide

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NORDSTROM: Half yearly sale- up to 40% off select styles

NORDSTROM RACK: Take an additional 25% off clearance and free shipping on orders over $100

OLD NAVY: 50% off tees, tanks, shorts and swim //Take an additional 10% off- no code needed// Also earn Super Cash: $10 for every $25 spent

REBECCA MINKOFF: Up to 60%off sale styles sitewide

TARGET: Up to 30% off on patio, home and furniture //ALSO extra 15% off with promo code HERO

Hope you enjoyed all my sale picks and I hope you have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Hey y’all! This will be a quick post of mainly pics, but if you have followed me for a while, you know that we recently moved from Charleston back to our hometown about two hours away. I miss Charleston SO SO SO MUCH! You have no idea. I do love being close to our family, but nothing compares to Charleston! I visited last weekend and had the chance to hang out with two of my very best friends. They’re the kind of friends that are in a higher category that aligns with the love you feel for your family. Basically, the sisters I never had. I had some amazing girl time with my college bestie on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant at Tavern & Table for dinner Friday night. Then Saturday, we had fun shopping adventures in downtown Charleston. We had lunch at The Rarebit (one of our faves) and dinner at Poe’s on Sullivan’s Island. Sunday, I spent time with my dancing homegirl and fellow momma friend. We brunched and lunched at Triangle Char & Bar (design your Bloody Mary for the win!)…then went back to her house to hang with her two *adorable* daughters. I miss their little faces! (And for reference, her oldest daughter is my son’s girlfriend. So basically when they get married we WILL be family! Haha!) It was such a refreshing weekend and it felt great to recharge!

These are just a random assortment of pictures from the weekend. I love photographing Charleston now more than I ever did when I lived there…I will never take its beauty for granted again! There is truly something special and magical about this city and I hope you enjoy! Have a great Thursday and look out for my post tomorrow about my faves from the MAJOR sale happening right now at Nordstrom!

The next few pics are of my new favorite place in Charleston- it’s called Skinny Dip: Charleston Edition. It’s located on King Street, right smack dab in the midst of the shopping district between Calhoun and Wentworth Street. It’s THE cutest boutique…full of surprises. The first floor has adorable merchandise (can you say…wall of clutches?!?) and also items that are locally endorsed and manufactured. SHOP LOCAL! Then, you head upstairs to the bar…I have one word for you: FROSÉ. Not rosé, but frosé. It consists of rosé, grapefruit juice, and a secret ingredient. Whatever it is, it’s DELISH! Upstairs you’ll find more merchandise and a beautiful flower wall (perfect for frosé selfies!) As if it couldn’t get any better, there’s an adorable outdoor patio area with tables, benches and a swing. Definitely check it out if you’re in town! Here’s there website if you want to see more: Skinny Dip Charleston

Now, more of King Street and parts of Broad Street. 


Basically my life motto: 

Hope you enjoyed some of my pictures and I’ll be back tomorrow with Nordstrom Sale faves and a heads up about Memorial Day sales!