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Hey y’all! This post was supposed to be published a WHILE back, but life strikes again! I hope you’ve had a great week and are gearing up for Halloween! My son is going to be a robot and I can’t wait! He has been practicing (and mastering) his robot walk!
So, today I’m coming atcha with a hair tool that has completely changed my hair game and made life so much easier. I thought since I’ve had plenty of time to test it, I’d give you my thoughts on why you need it in your life, too!
Drumroll please….I introduce you to: the best curling iron on planet Earth. This is a 100% FACT. It’s the Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4″ Rainbow Gold Barrel Curling Iron. I have the rainbow gold barrel, but the solid gold one is just as amazing (so I’ve heard from a fellow blogger.) I absolutely love the size curls it produces. Before this one, I had two that I used…a one inch curling wand and then a one and a half inch curling iron. You wouldn’t think the measurements make that big of a difference, but it does! Let me explain why I think this one is at the top of its class.

  1. It heats up faster than the speed of light and curls just as fast. Within a few seconds, it’s ready to go and reaches temps up to 450 degrees. Being a busy mom, I have NO time to mess around when it comes to getting ready. So I really appreciate a super fast heat-up. It takes less than ten minutes to go through and curl my hair with this curling iron, and the quality of the curls it produces is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. And trust me, I have tested out a ton of different hair tools. Previously, I was using a hair wand BUT I find that having a clamp (like in this curling iron) helps me to mold my curls easier and faster. IF you wanted to use it as a wand, you can, just don’t open the clamp.
  2. The cord swivels so there’s no fighting with the curling iron. Also, let me add another fun fact about the cord…it’s 8 ft long. This is a really nice feature too because there’s plenty of slack in the cord for it to move around while you curl different sides of your hair. Lots of freedom of movement.
  3. The gold ensures even heat distribution throughout the entire curling iron, and is effective for every hair type. Plus, it’s just so dang pretty.
  4. I love the soft grip feel. I have total control and I also really appreciate the extended length thumb grip. It really makes it super easy to style your curls.
  5. How do I use it to curl my hair? I section off my hair into three parts (bottom/middle/top.) Then I usually run it through 1-2″ sections of my hair (always moving away from my face), clamp in the middle, twist up toward my scalp (leaving the iron two or so inches away from the bottom of my root), “pump” it down that strand by slightly opening up the clamp twice and moving it down, and then curling back up toward my scalp for 6-8 seconds (depending on how loose or tight I want my curls that day.)  I go through my entire head like this (without brushing…you want to let the curls set.) After I’m finished curling my entire head, let the curls sit for another minute or so THEN brush them out. After brushing, use a flexible hold hair spray or hair spray to set the curls. (I’ve linked some of my favorite products down below.) I’ll usually run my fingers through my hair for a “just left the beach” look. I will say that I think any styling works best on second and third day hair! It tends to hold the curl better (at least for me!)

This has been my technique to achieve the curls you see in the very last picture. (Sorry it’s just a selfie…I’d attempt to shoot a hair tutorial, but I’m not that brave yet!) This curling iron is the only one I’ve ever used that runs smoothly down my hair and is really quick and effective for giving me the beach wave curls. It’s available at Ulta and runs about $60…(linked below.) You can use rewards coupons on it though, and they almost always seem to be running sales on them!

Here are a few additional hair tools and product faves of mine that I use daily and swear by! (My favorite root booster is in there along with the dry shampoo that I couldn’t function without!)

I hope you check it out and it makes your life easier! If you do, let me know how you like it! Also, if you have any products that have changed your hair game, please let me know! I always love testing out new things!

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