I’m baaack…with my heart on my ruffled sleeve

Buckle up and grab your popcorn, candy corn, kettle corn, or whatevs… because today I’m getting real. Sooooo, you may not have noticed…but I was MIA for all of September. It was a rough month for us. Between my son starting school and the mix of the roller-coaster weather, September inevitably opened the door for the dreaded funk, gunk, and junk to infiltrate its way into our home. First my son was sick, then my hubs was sick, then I was sick. Since all three of our birthdays are 20 days apart (house of Virgos)… we had all these fun and exciting plans to go to Carowinds one weekend and the beach another weekend, but NOPE. September was truly a downer. It reallyyyy started to take its toll and my blog and social media channels were sadly forced to take a backseat. We are FINALLY starting to feel less like swamp creatures and more like ourselves again JUST in time for my favorite month of the year. (The heavens part, angels sing, and the sun beams down on every pumpkin patch around.)
This temporary pause on the blog really gave me a chance to think about how I’m evolving and what direction I want to take Styled Sugarplum. At times, I felt censored with my content and like my back was against a wall because there is all this pressure for curated content and a certain idea of what a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog should be. Well guess what. F THAT. I’ve decided to break free from the stigma I’ve created in my mind and just be me. That’s why I created this blog to begin with…I love to write and I wanted a place to share things I love, but also to keep it real and share my life..the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m still trying to determine if I’m comfortable sharing pictures of my family (because I’ve watched too many episodes of Dateline, 20/20, and crazy ass Netflix documentaries that are scary AF…and in case you didn’t know, there are a ton of freaks out there y’all…) BUT I want to be able to at least write about my life as a 33 year old wife and momma living in a small town in good ol’ South Carolina. I will never be a high fashion blogger documenting adventures in cities all over the world. I won’t be in the front row (or even the back row) at New York Fashion Week. It’s just not in the cards for me. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a hater…I think it’s absolutely fabulous. I admire and thoroughly enjoy reading fashion magazines and following along with bloggers that have an adventurous thirst for wanderlust and the means to do so, but you just won’t find that here. And I’m okay with that. You also won’t see someone who looks like a “model”, free of insecurities and issues…because truth is, I’m in a constant tug of war and uphill battle with taking control of my health, body confidence, and fitness. I want to be the best, healthiest version of myself for my family and it’s time I really focus on that with unwavering persistence. Basically, I want to outlive everyone so I don’t miss a thing. (Cue Aerosmith Armageddon “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” music video because you KNOW we all had a crush on Ben Affleck circa 1998.) Today starts a new day for me on the health train, because over the past month, I’ve really let my health and fitness take a backseat right there beside my blog. I mean, it’s hard to workout when you’re sick…AH no more excuses!
The past year has brought a ton of changes in my life… moving from Charleston, rebooting my academic journey and returning to college, adjusting to life back in our hometown, grabbing 33 by the balls, and wrangling our threenager that had a very strong-willed mind of his own (the motherhood struggle was real, however thankfully since he turned 4, it appears we’ve moved on to greener pastures.) I think after almost a year of balancing our new schedule and life, I finally have a grip on it.
My point is, I want to strip Styled Sugarplum back down to the basics and share what I want to. I mean dang, it is MY blog. It’s funny how outside influence can creep in, stress you the F out, and make you second guess yourself. No more. I’m fighting those demons. I still plan on sharing outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, recipes, home decor, sales and trends, and ALL THE THINGS…but I also want to put my heart on my sleeve and write about my life, struggles, and triumphs. Every picture may not be perfect, I might not have the most likes or followers, and my social media feeds might be rough around the edges…but I promise you this: it’ll be honest and true to who I am. For me, that’s worth it. Even if I have to start from square one.
Are you sick of reading yet? Don’t stop…not too much more. LIES.
So welcome to Styled Sugarplum, again! Let me reintroduce myself…I’m Katherine and I’m a wifey and mother working hard to balance this crazy journey called life. I sometimes have a dirty mouth and listen to gangsta rap. Sorry not sorry. Biggie changed the game for me in 7th grade and I’ve never looked back. I drink at least two cups on coffee every morning because without it, I couldn’t function. You can call it basic, but I call it survival. My husband is about as perfect as they come…seriously…but our journey together hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. We have grown up together and come a long way in the 14 years we’ve been together and I LOVE, I repeat, LOVE doing life with him. My life so far has been a series of really proud, amazing moments sprinkled with some trials and (sometimes rather large) errors, but no matter what, I’m grateful for every single day. I lived and learned…and continue to learn. Motherhood has been the most humbling journey and learning experience of my life so far and it’s definitely something that consumes me every day. I had a hard time “finding myself” after I had my son in 2013, and that’s definitely something I want to share in another post, on another day. That one will be a doozy for me emotionally, so I’ll have to really build up to that. Baby steps!
Final thought…promise! So, I took the picture below right outside my front door in the flowerbed in front of our porch. At first, I snapped it because I was playing with zoom features with my new camera lens a few months ago. For some reason, I kept it in my camera roll and now it has a different meaning for me. I see it as a symbol of a new beginning…how life can sprout from the most unassuming places at anytime, from anywhere. You might call it a weed. But maybe that’s what I am…imperfect just like this little green weed. As I take on the fall season, I have hope, a new perspective, and the mindset that I am a work in progress…not aimed for perfection but aimed for authenticity. It’s incredibly refreshing and I need to remember to find the life in every situation, around every corner…even from a little weed in my own front yard.


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