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Hi y’all! Wow, I can’t even handle the fact that it’s August, much less the third week already! I don’t think a summer has ever flown by faster in my LIFE! Although it still stays pretty hot in South Carolina throughout August and September, our beach days are pretty limited now because our fall schedule is insane-o! After spending so much time in the sun all summer, it was extremely refreshing to discover Willing Beauty and take on their Hy 5 Challenge! It may seriously be the holy grail of skincare products…let me give you a bit of background on Willing Beauty and then I’ll go over all the deets of their Hy 5 Challenge.

The founders, Christy and her daughter Willa, launched a safe and effective skincare line in 2009 formulated for teens. After this launch, Christy yearned to provide the same safe and effective products for women of all ages. She partnered with green chemists, experts, and researchers to formulate what is now known as Willing Beauty.

Their Hy+5 complex is the magic behind what makes this line stand out from the rest. Hy +5 stands for Hyaluronic Acid, which helps skin balance and retain a smooth and hydrated appearance. That magic ingredient in combination with the 5 forces of nature make Willing Beauty a fierce competitor in the world of safe skincare. The 5 forces of nature are: Vitamin C, Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil, Antarctic Glycoproteins, Alpine Edelweiss, and Deep Sea Hyrdothermal Enzymes…say that 5 times fast…dare ya!  I’ve tried a ton of skincare brands in my adulthood…popular name brands, drugstore finds, specialty brands, organic…you name it. I personally have never found a line that works for MY skin like Willing Beauty does. I’m not exaggerating! Let me tell you more…

Within the first five days during the challenge, I noticed a drastic change. My skin is in the normal to dry range, and it was noticeably smoother and felt more hydrated after 5 consistent days of using Willing Beauty’s regimen. I completely stand behind their Hy+5 challenge! I have continued using it for several weeks now and cannot brag on these products enough. It has truly transformed my skin and I have also noticed less random breakouts and has minimized the appearance of fine lines as well. Here is a breakdown of the products from this line!

So the HY+5 challenge consists of a specific regimen using the cleanser, day moisturizer, and primer in the morning and the cleanser, age-defying night serum, and night cream before bed.

Morning players:

The Do Over Nourishing Cleanser is the first step and for good reason…it preps your skin and washes away any dead cells while hydrating like WHOA. This cleanser is so incredibly smooth and creamy, you can tell immediately that your skin is relishing in the goodness. After that, apply a bit of the Daydream Day Moisturizer. A little goes a long way with ALL of these products, you only need a tiny drop! This moisturizer is lightweight and full of antioxidants! NOW your skin is ready for the Get Set SPF 30 Tinted Primer. 

I’ve been using this everyday before makeup and it is BOMB. Even on days when I’m not applying a full face of makeup, this can totally substitute in place of foundation to even out skin tone and gives a fantastic base and coverage! I always use an SPF on my skin before makeup, so this fuses two products into one for me. Plus it’s a mineral sunscreen primer so it’s super safe! Like I mentioned before, all of these products are chock full of safe, clean ingredients! The Get Set primer is probably my favorite out of the Willing morning routine, because I feel like it just gives my skin flawless coverage and smooths things out (super high priority at this point in my life! Hello there wrinkles of the 30s…I’m totally regretting my Britney Spears tanning bed era in my late teens…Haha!)



Night players:

The night routine consists of the Do Over Cleanser again, followed by the Partner in Time Age-Defying Night-Serum, and lastly the Sleepover Night Cream. I’ve already raved about the Do Over Cleanser from the morning routine, so the fact that you use it twice in a day is a total WINNING moment. After the cleanser, apply a few drops of the Partner in Time Night Serum. Not only is it an age-defying formula, but it holds the highest active level of the HY+5 complex while improving elasticity and the appearance of fine lines (wrinkles be gone!) Last but certainly not least, is the Sleepover Night Cream…this is probably my favorite of the night players because it leaves your skin so dang moisturized! Even after sleeping all night, the minute I wake up…my skin is still smooth and hydrated. I’m telling you, it has really changed the feel of my skin completely.

Like I mentioned, I stand behind these products 100% and so does Willing. If for some crazy reason you aren’t satisfied with the line, they will take it back anytime for a full refund. They have a 100% happiness guarantee! Also, can we talk about how presh this packaging is?!? I love the bright and bold turquoise and black color combo.  I think it’s the total package (literally!) Are you *willing* to give it a try?? (See what I did there? Lol) If you’re interested in any of these products, want to try the Hy+5 Challenge, or just gain more info about the products…click here to check out their site: Willing Beauty 

Also, if you have any questions for me, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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