My Plant-Based Life Update and go-to salad

Howdy y’all!!! Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is playing nice!!!

Soooo it has been quite a while since my last plant-based update on here. Like forever. I’m gonna get real honest right now.  I made a big deal about going plant-based because it was something really important to me. But I’m going to keep it real, living a full 100% plant-based life only lasted about two months. I started in February and then started integrating organic lean meats, cheese, and alcohol every now and then in April. I’m not saying living plant-based is any less important to me now (because it’s still something I constantly strive for and I still want to live as plant-based as possible), so let me explain further. This might sound like a lame excuse BUT it was incredibly difficult to sustain a plant-based life solo while cooking for my family. (Blame the family haha) My hubby and son would want something completelyyyy different, and I’d be in the kitchen for what seemed like an eternity every day prepping and cooking. That’s just not feasible for me on a day to day basis no matter how prepared and organized I was with my meals. I have NO idea how people do it 100%. I commend them, because I feel like I gave it a really valiant effort.

I will say this: I learned A TON about food in general from making that switch. From my research, the documentaries, and the recipes from the plant-based cookbooks (which are fantastic by the way: Clean Eating and Forks Over Knives), I have a better understanding of healthy fats and (for lack of a better way to say it) fatty fats, how to steer clear of most refined sugar, added steroids, chemicals, and preservatives in our foods, and how to prepare healthy meals in their raw form without excess oils. Keeping those few things out of our diet and still centering everything around fruits and vegetables is my plan now, and so far, it is definitely a better system for our family and daily routine. I’ve adopted several changes from the plant-based experience that I’m going to continue to use in everyday life. For example, I still cook with coconut oil instead of olive oil/butter, I use unsweetened almond milk and a drop of raw honey in my coffee instead of creamer, I opt for fresh instead of frozen products, and I’m really trying hard to be conscious of snacking on food with preservatives like chips and junky stuff and substitute for healthier alternatives like fruit, hummus, or granola. (Although the struggle is so real sometimes since Haribo gummy bears are my ultimate weakness!) Another example is that I make my own salad dressings now (kitchen mixologist status) instead of using store-bought dressing. Small changes like that really make a big difference in how you feel. This experience has truly changed the way I see food now and has given me a deeper understanding about food prep. I’d say I’m about 80% plant-based, and I’m at peace with that. I’ll still continue to share healthy recipes with you because I really do enjoy it! I may even starting posting one recipe a week…let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in! I also want to integrate more food and home decor/organizing posts in Styled Sugarplum, so be on the lookout! So, now that I have updated you about food life… here is one of my favorite salad recipes EVER!

I’m ALL about that salad life in the summertime! This apple walnut one has been on constant repeat. It would be perfect to build in a mason jar for an on-the-go meal too! I originally found this on Pinterest and have made a few modifications. Sometimes I add grilled chicken or blackened shrimp, but it is delish solo sans meat as well! Recipe below!

*Quick side note…how cute are the Rex brothers? Best salt and pepper shakers EVER! I have a raging dinosaur obsession and when I saw these a while back in Target, I just had to have them. My son loves them, too (he obviously inherited my dino-mania gene!)



I hope you enjoy this salad as much as I do! (Which to be honest right now… is almost daily!)

I’ll be back later this week with a look into my home with my home office reveal! I’ll be talking about my tips for staying organized and maximizing your workspace! I’m also going to try to squeeze a Fab 5 fashion post in the mix! Make sure to subscribe to my blog and I post daily on Instagram, so if you aren’t following me there- holla at ya girl… @styledsugarplum

Hope you have a fantasmic week!

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