BIG NEWS and finallyyy my July Birchbox/ipsy Review

Hey guys! Ah, it has been forever since my last post. I’ve missed you and blog world so much!! Forever= two weeks, but so much has happened in that short period of time and I can’t wait to fill you in on the deets. SOOOOO, without further adieu…my big news is *drumroll please* …my hubby got a new job and we are moving! ūüéČI’m so proud of him for taking this leap to¬†expand his career and work¬†toward the long term goals¬†for¬†our future. This wonderful opportunity¬†also comes with a relocation. Sadly, out¬†of Charleston. ūüė≠But, back to our hometown! ūüėÄI’m incredibly heartbroken to leave a city that I feel like I love like a person (Charleston,¬†I’m sorry but¬†we’re going to have to¬†break up. It’s not you, it’s me!) But,¬†moving back to our hometown with our entire family and a ton of friends definitely cushions the breakup with the Holy City. We’ve had an amazing almost ten years living here, and have so many memories that will be cherished forever¬†(and could possibly bring us back one day, who knows!?!) We got married down here, brought¬†our sweet baby boy into this world, and have met some of the most amazing¬†friends that¬†I consider family. We’ll always be connected to this magical place because of that, and of course beautiful historic downtown and¬†the beach…my ultimate¬†happy place!

The hubby starts his new job soon,¬†so we’ve¬†been house hunting (which is way more fun than I expected) and also going through our entire house (NOT quite as fun…seriously how have¬†we accumulated so much stuff after only 4 years?!?#hoarders JUST KIDDING- totally not on that level!! Promise!) Needless to say, house organization and planning has taken up a chunk of time¬†lately. Blogging makes me super happy and is also a stress reliever/outlet for me, so¬†now that the initial shock has worn off about this¬†major¬†life change…I’ll be getting¬†back in my groove!¬† Please keep us in your thoughts as we make this move over the next few months! Send¬†good vibes our way!
Let’s¬†dive into¬†my July Birchbox and ipsy. Once again, the goods were stacked!

We’ll start with Birchbox!
July Birchbox

  • They’re Real Mascara- Benefit Cosmetics¬†– Soooo I’ve said this before, but I’m really picky about my mascara. This formula passes my thickness test, ¬†it delivers great¬†instant volume, BUT I don’t think I like the lash brush. I prefer a curved brush with really long bristles that I feel really grabs my lashes from root to tip. This wand has short, hard bristles, however it does have this really cool spiky ball type shape at the end that was convenient to fan out my outer lashes and add a little more oomph to the tips (they included that tip on the info card.) I also prefer a mascara with a primer included ( I told you I was picky! Wow, I sound so high maintenance right now haha!), so tbh, this product was not quite a home run for me. ¬†Full size: $24 // My rating: 6/10
  • Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel–¬† I was skeptical at first about putting a gooey black liquid all over my face, but obviously had to put my fears aside in the name of reviews and beauty blogging! It smells really good, although I¬†can’t exactly¬†pinpoint what it smells like! (No help there, sorry!) One thing is certain, it left my skin feeling SO¬†smooth and nourished. As far as the “zap” power it claims to have, I can’t really attest to that…however, my skin felt very fresh and clean. Full size: $20// My rating: 8/10
  • Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions¬†– After I gave birth to my son, my curls changed and I found that this product managed the frizz really well despite the Charleston inferno, however, it didn’t do much to hold/style my crazy, unruly curls. The second time I used it, I combined it with the Briogeo Curl Charisma Gel¬†from my ipsy glam bag and that combo worked really well for my hair! Yippie! This may just be the magic combo for me from here on out. If you have naturally even, pretty curls but have issues with frizz, this is your product! It’s a really lightweight, water-like solution and doesn’t leave your hair stiff. Full size: $10-$17.50 //My rating: 8/10
  • LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil- Cupid’s Bow¬†– I normally don’t wear lipstick quite this bright, BUT this is a really fun color and had some serious long-lasting staying power. I also like that it feels ¬†like chapstick on your lips and very nourishing.¬†Smooth formula, easy application,¬†no smearing or smudging, fun girlie hot pink color…thanks Birchbox for forcing me to wear lipstick outside the box! (get it, birchBOX…haha I need to just stopūüôą) Available in 5 colors (all really bold and¬†fun!) Full size: $12 (GREAT price)// My rating: 10/10
  • Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil¬†– I’m going to be honest…at first, I wasn’t really sure what this was really all about. I have never used an oil like this for my face besides an oil primer from a previous box/glam bag. This is different…anytime you feel your face is thirsty or needs some hydration, think of this as a refresher. It features seven essential oils, smells like heaven, and gave my skin a really pretty glow. I used it on my cheekbones, but with a rollerball application, it’s convenient enough for any part of your face or neck. It’s paraben free and eco-conscious with minimal to no preservatives. I’m not sure this is a necessity for my everyday routine, but it smells amazing and is a nice pick-me-up when your skin feels drab! Full size: $38// My rating: 6/10

Moving right along to ipsy!
july ipsy glam bag

  • Briogeo Curl Charisma Frizz Gel – I’ve received this before from Birchbox and loved it, so I was excited to get this again in my glam bag this month! Like I said in my Birchbox review, I’ve been using this with the Curl Keeper and it’s a really good combo for my hair. This gel has a creamy texture and gives nice body and style to my waves and curls. Frizz is always a¬†struggle for me, especially during the summer months, so along with using it on my damp hair, I’ll run a small dime size over my hair if I see that it’s actin a fool! It smells soooo good (must be the rice amino, tomato¬†fruit¬†and quinoa), and I’ve really enjoyed using it again! Full size: $20// My rating: 9/10
  • Too Faced Hangover RX Face Primer – You may think I’m crazy, but I swear my skin felt instantly more firm and alive. This may just be the fountain of youth in primer form…well at least a temporary fixer! This¬†pure goodness is a base¬†primer filled with probiotic based ingredients and skin revivers, coconut water (which is¬†magical anyway), and is also silicone free. I applied it mainly around my eye area and very quickly felt a change in my skin.¬†¬†Too Faced has¬†been my go-to for eyeshadow palettes forever, and I was excited to try another product from their line. This is a product I would definitely recommend. It would be great to have if you need an early morning boost for an important meeting to have your best face forward (literally), for a school project or presentation, or just if you drank a little too much last night and feel like you look like you never went to bed. OR even¬†if you’re an insomniac like me and need it for everyday use! Struggle is real! Full size: $32// My rating: 10/10
  • Luxie Small Angle Brush – LOVE this brush. I’ve wanted one just like this for a while, so I was thrilled to find that ipsy saved the day! I use¬†it to even out my eyeliner and extend to make a wing. The brush is super soft, yet controllable enough to create a really sleek line. I’ve also used it with eyeshadow on my lower lash line for a smoky eye effect. It’s definitely a must-have in your brush collection! I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and have no idea how I lived without it for so long! Regular price: $10 (another GREAT price)// My rating: 10/10
  • Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Lauren – This black matte eyeliner is ahhhmazing! For every purchase of a Thrive product, they give to a woman in need. Their platform is: Beauty with a Purpose. They donate to women going through cancer treatment I love discovering companies that make a difference and give back. The eyeliner is vegan, cruelty-free, without parabens or sulfates, and dermatologist + ophthalmologist tested and approved! It’s also made with shea butter, which is a huge factor in the smooth application. It comes in 5 colors, and you can customize shipping to deliver just once or as often as needed!¬†I definitely commend them for not only having quality products, but to stand behind their heartfelt mission to help and give back to¬†women who are undergoing cancer treatments. Regular price: $22// My rating: 10/10
  • OFRA lipliner in Maya – This is such a pretty berry color. I have been pairing it with my favorite Nars lipstick- Anna. This¬†lipliner is water-resistant and can also be used as an eyeliner! It comes in 16 different colors and all of them are so¬†rich and bold¬†in color. It’s¬†created with synthetic beeswax, so it’s no surprise that it’s smooth and long-lasting! It’s the bee’s knees! (I’m sorry, I had to…it was right there!) Regular price: $13// My rating: 10/10

Well folks, that’s a wrap for my July review of Birchbox and ipsy Glam Bag! I’m getting back on the blog saddle and I’m pumped to take you along on my crazy moving adventure!!

OH! Don’t forget- The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still in full swing! Items are getting restocked daily, so keep checking back if you missed out on a few of your¬†favorites that may have sold out! It ends Sunday, so you still have time to shop! You can find my favorites and top picks¬†in my blog post here: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale . I’ll be posting later this week¬†with a few looks for fall AND the perfect dress for layering! (If you follow me on Instagram *@styledsugarplum*, you’ve already seen a sneak peek!) Here are a few of my faves:

PS- this is totally off topic BUT who watched The Bachelorette finale???? Ah! *SPOILER ALERT in case you haven’t watched* ¬†I knew Jordan would win, he was my top pick from the beginning! The proposal totally¬†made me cry¬†(as usual…I’m such a sap!) and took me back to when my boo thang proposed to me! I’m going to watch Bachelor in Paradise tonight (my first time ever watching) and I feel like it’s going to be a train wreck! Train wreck= great reality TV…so this should be good! ūüĎŹ

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll be back later this week! Until next time‚úĆÔłŹ| Stay styled, sugarplum!ūüíč


  1. August 3, 2016 / 11:18 am

    I can only imagine that kind of whirlwind! I’m so glad that house hunting and being welcomed home by friends and family are making the experience better! And all those great ratings might convince me to get an ipsy subscription.. I’ve wanted one for a while:) Can’t wait to follow along on this exciting time for you!

    • styledsugarplum
      August 4, 2016 / 9:35 pm

      Thank you so much Emily!!! The support we have received from our friends and family has been so reassuring and I just know this is the right path!

      You should definitely try ipsy!! I’ve been getting both subscriptions for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed the products each month!

      Thanks again for your sweet comments! ūüíē

    • styledsugarplum
      August 4, 2016 / 9:39 pm

      Thank you so much Abby!! You are so so sweet!! Feels good to have such great support from all angles…my SC sisters included! ūüíē

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